About us

Everything starts with a team
Our multicultural team resides in Warsaw, Poland, a soon-to be fintech capital of Europe, yet our ambitions are global. Not only we choose the best in their fields, we pick the most passionate and motivated. Join us to celebrate the successes together.

Off the beaten track
We wouldn't be where we are without creating our own ways to meet the changing needs. We make waves, we create trends, we instigate change.

Wild by nature

We are relentless, straightforward and always hungry. We are adventurous, we take risks and know they come along with responsibility.

Strong & powerful

We are here to change the status quo. We feed our powers relentlessly by improving ourselves and refining our skills. We never stand still, we push and strive to get ahead of ourselves. We’ve got the power.

We’re hiring

We’re always looking for hungry and ambitious people to work alongside.

For us, the result is king. It is always rewarding and always rewarded. We make waves, we create trends, we instigate change.

We ask our team to start with three simple questions:

1. Do I understand the customer’s needs?
2. Am I minimizing customer efforts?
3. How does this increase customer value?

If they’re ready to answer, then we go ahead!

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